Need for Speed Ireland, Philippines, UK, USA 2014 – 130min.

Short description

Need for Speed

Action Crime Drama Thriller

Even though he shows great talent as a racecar driver and mechanic, Tobey remains stuck in upstate New York. When one of his best friends dies in an illegal race, Tobey even does time in prison. The man who caused the accident, the now famous Dino, gets away clean. When Tobey gets out, he’s ready for retribution: the year’s most important street race will get him both prize money and revenge on Dino. Although he gets a fast car from a dealer named Julia, he hardly has time to get out to the west coast – which will also break his parole.

Release date

German Switzerland: 20. March 2014

Romandie: 16. April 2014

Ticino: 13. March 2014



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