Mr. Peabody & Sherman USA 2014 – 92min.

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Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Peter Osteried
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Mr. Peabody is a businessman, a scientist, a two-time Olympic medalist, a genius – and a dog.

Mr. Peabody has not only won the Olympics twice, he’s also a Nobel prize-winning scientist and inventor. Even though he’s a dog. Sherman is the human friend who travels with Peabody in his time machine into the past to experience great moments in history. Bur when Sherman uses the machine to impress a girl, the events they affect threaten to change history. And so Peabody and Sherman set off to put things in order.

The popular history lessons with Mr. Peabody from the 1950’s cartoon "Rocky and His Friends" are back, offering entertaining education to a whole new generation. Longtime fan Rob Minkoff invested many years to get this passion project on-screen. The result is a great adventure for the whole family.



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7 years ago

On to take the kids too - very funny, though I laughed more than the kids. It follows the standard tale of boy meets girl, boy must prove himself to girl (in mostly a silly way) and boy gets girl. It's the way the move goes through the various scenario's that make it fun.

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