La cour de Babel France 2014 – 94min.

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La cour de Babel

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Documentary about a class of adolescents, brought together for a year to learn French.

In the heart of Paris, in a reception class for immigrant students within a regular high school, director Julie Bertuccelli focuses on ten children aged 11 to 15. They are Egyptian, Irish, Serbian, Moroccan, Senegalese, Brazilian, Tunisian, Chinese... Thrown together from around the globe, they share their views of the world, of their countries, their pain and their joy.

A twenty-year veteran of filmmaking, Julie Bertuccelli unveiled her directorial talents with Depuis qu'Otar est parti, a feminine portrait of modern Georgia, and L'Arbre, a superb melodrama starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, which was the closing film at Cannes in 2010. La cour de Babel, her first documentary to be released in theaters, confirms the value of her eye: with amazing tenderness, welcome simplicity and moving reserve, this incursion into childhood tormented by the modern world is a harrowing adventure capable of reviving hope.



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