The Blue Room France 2014 – 90min.

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La chambre bleue

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

The police investigates the death of the spouses of a pair of lovers.

In a dark hotel room away from peering eyes, two lovers have a passionate affair. Julien is married to Delphine, with whom he has a family. Esther is the wife of the village pharmacist. Their story of love and lust, break-ups and anonymous letters, suspicion and poison, is soon marked by the mysterious deaths of their spouses. The police investigate to figure out how deeply they are involved.

For years ago, Mathieu Amalric proved himself to be an auteur filmmaker with Tournée, his first movie to win for best director in Cannes. More intimate and cerebral, and therefore much less easy to decipher, La Chambre bleue doesn’t reveal much more about his ambitions. Brilliantly framed, set and lit, this story of love and crime is quickly limited to an extremely stylish and simple movie, which offers the awkward impression of witnessing a formal presentation of evidence, which becomes dull within the first 20 minutes.



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