Homo Faber Switzerland 2014 – 89min.

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Homo Faber

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Against the backdrop of journeys, memories, encounters and dreams, Walter Faber talks about three women: Ivy, the chic New Yorker whom he wants to leave; Hanna, the one that got away 20 years earlier in Zurich during his studies ; and Sabeth, the mysterious and sensual young redhead whom he follows around Europe.

Richard Dindo is not an ordinary filmmaker. His long career continues to blur the limits of, fiction and experimental film, as witnessed by his strange Les Rêveurs de Mars, released in 2010. Adapted from the novel by Max Frisch, Homo Faber does not depart from his merciless style: mysterious and irritating, captivating and repelling, his film travels far from the beaten path, seeking adventure in dangerous territory that is unexplored by the majority of audiences. At the same time beautiful and ugly, this elusive project provokes the audience to the point of repulsion. Shot using a mix of close-ups and wide shots, three women (Marthe Keller, Amanda Barron and Daphné Baiwir) and their times echo the story told by a narrator one never sees. For better or worse, the experience – which is all this movie is about – is so unusual that it becomes interesting.



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