Edge of Tomorrow Australia, USA 2014 – 113min.

Short description

Edge of Tomorrow

Action Sci-fi

Attacked by an alien race, mankind fights to save Earth from this overwhelming enemy. After an initial victory in Europe, an army equipped with exoskeletons gets ready for the final battle on the French coast. Among them is William Cage, an American who tried to desert and now finds himself dropped into combat without any real training. Killed within minutes of first contact with the aliens, he wakes up to find himself alive and again on the eve of battle. He’s caught in a time loop, able to learn more each time before he’s again killed. Helping to train Cage is Rita Vrataski, another soldier caught in the same loop...

Release date

German Switzerland: 29. May 2014

Romandie: 28. May 2014

Ticino: 29. May 2014

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