Deux jours avec mon père Switzerland 2014 – 80min.

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Deux jours avec mon père

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

After a bad fall, Robert wakes up in the hospital. But because he refuses to die there, he jumps on his scooter and takes off into the country. His son Michel, an anxious engineer who hasn’t yet gotten over his parent’s nasty divorce, finds out through his mother that Robert has most likely gone to the mountains where he used to search for fossils with his grandfather. Michel goes off in search of his father, finding him in a place far from his own daily life…

A movie that has its characters say things like “It’s good to love life that much. And you, do you love life?”, or “Maybe it’s life that is scary” takes a big risk by flirting with artificial rubbish. Deux jours avec mon père tries and fails to be poetic, bogging down a story that is already banal enough. There’s nothing new about teaming up an eccentric father and his resentful son, and Anne Gonthier doesn’t manage to give this cliché any spice. The beauty of the mountain setting does nothing to help make the humor funny, the characters’ dreams seem realistic, or the movie interesting. At least there is Jean-Pierre Gos, who is excellent.



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