Dawn Germany, Israel, Switzerland, UK 2014 – 95min.

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Palestine, 1947. Zionists are fighting to create a Jewish state in Palestine during the British Mandate. When the British capture a Zionist and sentence him to death, members of his troop decide to hold a British soldier hostage in an attempt to save their comrade. As they wait for word overnight, they know they will have to kill the man if their friend is hanged.

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German Switzerland: 25. June 2015

Romandie: 29. April 2015

Ticino: 26. November 2015



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7 years ago

Le dilemne d'Elisha, oui ou non tuer un homme pour des fins politiques, m'a marqué dans ce film. Est-ce qu'il y a une réponse claire et nette à cette question? Le tout dans un huis-clos d'ambience, psychologique, la tension d'une nuit, l'attente qui creuse les pensées des protagonistes.
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