Assassin's Creed France, Hong Kong, UK, USA 2016 – 115min.

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Assassin's Creed

Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi

Condemned to death for murder, Callum Lynch wakes up in the mysterious laboratory of the Abstergo Foundation, headed by Alan Rikkin and his daughter Sofia. She offers him a second chance and a new life, on one condition: that he agrees to lend himself to an experiment. He discovers the Animus, an incredible machine that allows him to be projected in Spain of the 15th century, in full Inquisition. In the skin of his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha, member of the mysterious secret society of the Assassins, he is supposed to find an artifact with astonishing powers, coveted by the Templar Order ...

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German Switzerland: 27. December 2016

Romandie: 21. December 2016

Ticino: 4. January 2017

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6 years ago

Es war wirklich gut gemacht und wenn man die Spiele gespielt hat erkennt man viele Dinge wieder aber ich kann es nicht nachvollziehen wie es für Leute ist, die die Spiele noch nie gespielt haben und den Film einfach so ansehen. Ich hatte spass dran und es war auch spannend und die ganzen Kampfszenen hat mir super gefallen.Show more


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