And So It Goes USA 2014 – 94min.

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And So It Goes

Movie Rating: Hela Khamarou

Oren Little (Michael Douglas), an aging, single, egocentric real estate agent, wants to sell the big old house he hasn’t lived in since his wife died. He now resides in a residence called “Little Shangri-la”, where he drives everyone crazy. But when his granddaughter – whom he didn’t even know existed – arrives, his life takes a completely different turn. He learns to communicate with those around him, especially his next-door neighbor (Diane Keaton), a lounge singer, who manages to break through his shell.

Rob Reiner directs yet another rom-com with the usual formula. At least this one has two talented players with long movie careers behind them, but the movie is still too simplistic and doesn’t try to go into any real depth, with performances that meet the minimum requirements. It’s one of those movies where everyone involved just seems to want the money for a new swimming pool. Even the original set-up doesn’t last too long: you expect to be entertained by an irascible and surly old coot, but the character quickly lets his mask fall, revealing a lonely man gutted by the death of his wife. A less than original script, given that As Good As It Gets starring Jack Nicholson does a much better job of telling the story of an old egotist who needs his world opened.



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