The Divergent Series: Allegiant USA 2016 – 121min.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Following the broadcast of a message inviting Chicagoans to meet their fate beyond the protective barrier, Evelyn, who takes control of the city, decides to close the doors. To protect her citizens and to distribute justice, she begins a series of trials to punish former officers, under the uneasy eyes of Tris and Four. Determined to discover the truth, Tris decide and some of her friends escape and explore the territories beyond the wall. There they discover a modern society that is monitoring the Chicago experiment, which is supposed to save humanity by revealing mankind’s purest elements. Then Tris learns that she is the only key to the experiment...

The second film in the Divergent series, Insurgent, was reminiscent of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire released two years earlier. The third episode, Allegiant, could easily have been the title of Katniss’ third adventure, Mockingjay Part 1. Also adapted from a series’ last book that was split into two films, Divergente 3 thus continues the adventures of post-teen rebels faced with thoughtless and dangerous adults, seeded with political commentary (now well-known) on freedom, social determinism and identity. Without ever really bothering to go beyond the genre’s specifications, director Robert Schwentke (who also directed Insurgent*) packs the movie with enough power to captivate and entertain, stuffing as much information into it so as not to miss half of the plot – as was the case in the penultimate Hunger Games. This is certainly not enough to make a really good movie, but it does manage to entertain and bring the audience closer to the brink of the oncoming catastrophe.



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3 years ago

Die ersten zwei Filme waren gemäss Bücher. Doch dieser Teil folgte überhaupt nicht der Geschichte des dritten Buches. Hätte ich mir lieber zu Hause Barbie und die Rettung der Welpen angesehen...

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