A Walk Among the Tombstones USA 2014 – 114min.

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A Walk Among the Tombstones

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

New York, 1999. After a shooting gone wrong, Matt Scudder quits the cops, stops drinking and becomes a cynical, unlicensed private eye. When a drug trafficker hires him to find out who kidnapped and then killed his wife, Scudder grudgingly decides to take the case. Then the perpetrators kidnap the daughter of another gangster, and he has no other choice than to fully immerse himself in this very sordid investigation…

Since turning into an action hero, Liam Neeson has willingly sacrificed on the altar of blockbuster entertainment, obliging audiences to redefine their criteria for judging his work. Because although Non Stop represents one of the more likeable movies of the past few years, especially when compared to the Taken franchise and Battleship, A Walk Among the Tombstones barely escapes being a dull piece of junk. The debut film of the low-grade screenwriter of Out of Sight, The Interpreter, Minority Report and Wolverine, this adaptation of the book by Lawrence Block refuses to follow the path of banal action flicks. There is therefore little shooting and less chases in this extremely serious fable about moral obligation. Except that the intrigue, in addition to being articulated around a bland premise that seems stolen from The November Man starring Pierce Brosnan, has absolutely nothing to say about its characters. Set up as the eternal hero with a tortured spirit, Liam Neeson blunders through two hours with a sad and weathered face, dragging along the misery of the world. It’s hard to say who the target audience of this cop movie is – as it has no action, no intensity and it is much less clever that it thinks it is.



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