A Million Ways to Die in the West USA 2014 – 116min.

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A Million Ways to Die in the West

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

In the wild, wild, west, a coward falls for the wife of a dangerous outlaw.

Old Stump, Arizona, 1882. Penniless, cowardly sheep farmer Albert Stark doesn't have what it takes to survive long in the wild, wild west. And when his sweetheart Louise decides to leave him, things get even worse. Until the day he meets the gorgeous and mysterious Anna, who agrees to help him get Louise back. Instead they fall for each other. And then Clinch Leatherwood, the most dangerous outlaw of them all, arrives to find Anna – his wife...

Seth MacFarlane dusts off the western genre with Charlize Theron at his side. Good news for comedy fans who loved his debut movie Ted. Unfortunately, MacFarlane's second cinematic venture is superficial, with few laughs and fewer surprises. The setting offers excitement, the straightforward script has a few fun ideas, but there is no rhythm and even less comic timing, leaving the movie stuck in a rut. A colossal failure, given the means put at MacFarlane's disposal, although a few winks at Back to the Future do hit home.



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