Workers Germany, Mexico 2013 – 120min.

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In Tijuana, Rafael buys himself a new pair of shoes and gets his hair cut in preparation for his impending retirement. A model employee at a light bulb factory, he is refused a pension when his boss claims he never filled out the right paperwork to legalize his immigration status (Rafael comes from El Salvador). So he picks up his mop and broom again to clean the toilets for another 10 years. Meanwhile, in a magnificent villa, Lidia serves with devotion an old rich woman, the mother of a drug boss, who’s infatuated with her greyhound. Every day, the dog gets 250 g of prime beef, a bath, a massage, a walk in the Mercedes, etc. When the old lady finally dies, she leaves her money to... the dog. Her personnel will only inherit once the mutt dies of natural causes. Insulted, the servants each resist in their own way.

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German Switzerland: 28. November 2013

Romandie: 16. April 2014

Ticino: 17. April 2014



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