Win Win Belgium, Switzerland 2013 – 100min.

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Win Win

Movie Rating: Andrea Wildt

The frustrated mayor of Delémont brings the Miss China competition to the canton of Jura.

The frustrated Christian Democratic mayor of Délémont sees his chances of a seat in Switzerland's Federal Council dwindling, despite a provocative media campaign. His party is focusing on saving the local military barracks instead of the urban high-speed train he's been promoting, and 200 jobs make a huge difference to voters up in the mountains. When a Chinese friend and local watch manufacturer suggest holding the Miss China semifinals in Switzerland, he sees a strategic opening for his stagnating career. The pretty girls are soon faced with the harsh realities of Swiss country life: sleeping in the barn, milking cows, fighting off mosquitoes and, of course, eating cheese.

Inspired by true events, Genevan director Claudio Tonetti brings the Miss China semifinals to Switzerland. Two worlds collide and have an insane amount of fun in the process. All the same, the film develops a certain charm and manages to wrap skeptical audiences around its little finger, thanks to Jura jokes and bourgeois marital problems.



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