Thor: The Dark Kingdom USA 2013 – 130min.

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Thor: The Dark Kingdom

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

Thor faces an otherworldly menace.

After the attack on earth by his adoptive brother Loki, Thor has left the Avengers behind for a while to take care of the modest task of maintaining peace in the nine realms he’s in charge of. But when faced with a new perilous enemy, the alien hero comes back to Earth where he is reunited with Jane, whose survival will determine the fate of his people and hers.

It’s phase 2 and Marvel’s pulling out quite a few stops. Thor: The Dark World is indeed darker, as its title hints, but never for long. In spite of its greater dramatic depth and its decidedly epic and fantastic feel that often evokes Middle Earth, this new Thor is first and foremost funny, energetic and generous. The audience is left with an, at times, uneven film – Nathalie Portman, for example, still not shining, even dimly, in her role. But, generally speaking, it’s quite damn thrilling.



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