The Zero Theorem France, Romania, UK, USA 2013 – 107min.

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The Zero Theorem

Drama Fantasy Sci-fi

In an indeterminate future, in the midst of a chaotic city stuffed with people, life is controlled by an authority called Management. An IT genius gnawed at by existential anxiety, Qohen Leth hides out in an abandoned chapel, his spirit tortured by numbers, probability and the meaning of life. Put in charge of discovering the mystery behind the Zero Theorem, which aims to demonstrate that the universe has no reason for being, Leth goes on an incredible adventure accompanied by Bainsley, an astonishing young woman...

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German Switzerland: 5. March 2015

Romandie: 9. July 2014



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6 years ago

Gilliam's imaginary in a full scale! Kafka, Orwell and Beckett (Waiting for Godot) mixed with eschatological and philosophical contemplations, served with some bitter comments on contemporary world, corporate exploitation and loneliness. Breathtaking colors, memorable music and outstanding performance (Christoph Walz!). Take it or hate it - for sure you won't stay indifferent.Show more


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