The Smurfs 2 USA 2013 – 105min.

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The Smurfs 2

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

The evil Gargamel and the Smurfs head for Paris.

After having escaped the traps set by the horrible Garagamel a fisrt time, the Smurfs, once again, lead a pleasant and happy life in their small village in the woods. Today they have a surprise birthday party planned for their dear Smurfette. Sadly, Gargamel turns up once again to ruin the party; he kidnaps poor Smurfette and takes her to Paris where the smurfs will have no choice but to follow if they want a chance to save her from the evil magician.

A sequel to the very poor US adaptation of Peyo's creation was even less necessary than the first go around. You will find nothing of the Smurfs' charm here. The film is tiring and its humour annoying rather than cute and amusing. The unbearable soundtrack hits the lowest points and might very well enrage the parents in the audience.



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8 years ago


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