The Lone Ranger USA 2013 – 149min.

Short description

The Lone Ranger

Action Adventure Western

The very proper lawyer John Reid (Armie Hammer) teams up with an unpredictable American Indian named Tonto (Johnny Depp) to go after Butch Cavendish. The gold-hungry bad guy has cruelly killed Texas Ranger Dan Reid, John's brother, who tried to keep the peace with the Indians. Realizing that the law is different out in the desert, John dresses up as a masked crusader to fight corruption in the Wild West, helped along by Tonto, who often has strange ideas. The aim is to make sure Cavendish neither gets his hands on the natural resources of Texas nor controls the railroads – in a region where crime runs rampant...

Release date

German Switzerland: 8. August 2013

Romandie: 7. August 2013

Ticino: 4. July 2013



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