The Last Stand USA 2013 – 107min.

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The Last Stand

Michael Lang
Movie Rating: Michael Lang

Arnold Schwarzenegger as a small-town cop caught in a battle against a drug boss, who’s trying to escape to Mexico.

The burdens of high office, a messy divorce and advancing age have definitely affected the former Governator. He is heavier, more wrinkly and ponderous. But Korean director Kim Ji-woon serves up the Austrian son of a policeman in a tailor-made, rewarding role: as the sheriff of sleepy Sommerton Junction on the Mexican border, he finds out that a farmer was killed because the FBI dropped the ball – they let extremely dangerous drug boss Gabriel Cortez escape with a female hostage from a transport vehicle in Los Angeles, and he's on the run towards Mexico.

For 8 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger made politics as the Governor of California, now he's back in Hollywood. Kim Ji-woon's movie is action-packed and funny in the style of a staged, high-tech western. In the midst of it all, the former Terminator is a self-deprecating, fearless knight in the battle for law and justice. Hats off to the governor!



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8 years ago

No, just no.

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