The Call USA 2013 – 94min.

Short description

The Call

Action Thriller

911 operator Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) has a reputation for her professionalism, for always knowing what to say to people calling with an emergency. But then one day a woman calls for help, frightened by a man entering her home, and the line is cut. Without thinking too much about it, Jordan calls back and, betrayed by the ringing phone, the woman is killed by the intruder. Six months later, as she's training new operators, Jordan takes a call from a kidnap victim. Once bitten, twice shy, but she tries nonetheless to help the young prisoner, counting on her talent to manage the crisis. Then it turns out that the kidnapper is none other than the killer from six months ago...

Release date

German Switzerland: 11. July 2013

Romandie: 5. June 2013

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