The Bling Ring France, Germany, Japan, UK, USA 2013 – 90min.

Short description

The Bling Ring

Crime Drama

A group of teens rob their favourite celebrities' homes.

Sofia Coppola's latest movie works the way its universe does, triggering the audience's curiosity with its juicy subject. The Bling Ring, a small gang of viciously precious silky-haired teens complete with smoked sunglasses and ill assured high-heeled walks, a shrunken vocabulary and a painfully monotonous tone of voice (I mean, like, REALLY). Their pass-time: robbing the celebrities they adore's houses. It's all about wearing their clothes, drinking their Cristal and petting their Chihuahuas between two lines of coke...

As it often is the case with Sofia Coppola, the movie deals with a troubled youth, the existential meaningless of their lives, a lack of guidance, purpose or here even, it seems, substance. It is as much a product of its time as it takes part in it. A generation that gorges on strangers' image while expressing itself only through the one it spends all its waking time creating. But sadly this image is too close to an Instagram picture. It shows nothing more of these enigmatic beings then their impressive shallowness. «When the book aspires to nothing more than its cover»; If that's Coppola's focus, she films it as well it should be done.

Release date

German Switzerland: 15. August 2013

Romandie: 12. June 2013



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