Suzanne France 2013 – 94min.

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Since her mother died, Suzanne (a magnificent Sara Forestier) and her older sister Maria stick together, joke around and share everything. They live in harmony with Nicolas, their truck driver father. A rebellious adolescent, Suzanne loves doing what is forbidden, driving without a license and provoking boys. One day the school principal informs Nicolas that she is pregnant. Suzanne, madly in love with Julien, decides to keep the child, whom she names Charlie. But she increasingly leaves him with her sister before disappearing completely. Suzanne turns up again in prison, serving a five-year sentence for theft and violence. Upon her release, she visits her son, who has been placed in foster car. She finds work in a bar, where she runs into Julien and plunges back into anonymity...

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German Switzerland: 10. July 2014

Romandie: 18. December 2013



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