Shana - The Wolf's Music Canada, Switzerland 2013 – 96min.

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Shana - The Wolf's Music

Movie Rating: Andrea Wildt

Spiritually charged coming-of-age story based on Federica de Cesco’s novel, filmed in the vast expanse of Canada.

Shana is 13 and lives with her father in an isolated Canadian village of the Scw'exmx Nation. She’s been skipping school since her mother’s death, burying her sadness in letters to her. When a new teacher comes to the village and discovers Shana’s gift for music, Shana is given a way back into life: a violin audition for a music school.

Shana – the Wolf's Music is based on the novel by Federica de Cesco, who has enchanted the imaginations of innumerable children – especially girls – with her 80-some books. After making a documentary about de Cesco, Swiss screenwriter and director Nino Jacusso takes on his daughter’s favorite book. Jacusso worked in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes with members of the Scw'exmx Nation in British Columbia’s interior. The result is a success for children and teenagers: a movie with white wolves, a drum-laden violin soundtrack and supernatural melancholy.



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