Rubinrot Germany 2013 – 122min.

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Fantasy Sci-fi

In 16-year-old Gwendolyn's (Maria Ehrich) family, some women carry a gene that allows them to time travel. Although everyone thinks her cousin Charlotte inherited it, it's Gwen who suddenly finds herself in the 19th century. To try and clear things up, her mother takes her to the head of their organization, who tells her she is the 12th and last holder of the gene and that she has been spoken of by a mysterious prophet. She is sent with Gideon (Jannis Niewöhner), Charlotte's arrogant fiancé who also has a gift, to the 17th century, where they must meet a certain Count de Saint-Germain. What kind of magic will Gwendolyn be revealed to have?

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German Switzerland: 14. March 2013



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