Riddick UK, USA 2013 – 119min.

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Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

A fugitive isolated on a hostile planet fights to find a way out.

Waking up mysteriously on an extremely hostile planet, Riddick, a solitary feral outlaw fights for survival; survival of the fittest. He is wounded and alone in a deserted landscape, filled with strange, wild predators. Before long Riddick needs to find a way out. Signalling his presence, he lures several bounty hunters to the desolated world he steadily acclimatises to. A new kind of hunting begins. Riddick plans to leave the place in his pursuers' ship - not in shackles, a free man.

Riddick takes us into real “genre” film territory. Low budget sci-fi with all of its cheesiness, awful baddies and silly macho dialogue: everything fans like. With iffy CGI but fiercely cool production and creature design, it's an original piece of sci-fi in its look, if not in its script: an uneven mix of Cast Away, Predator and director David Twohy‘s own Pitch Black. Vin Diesel's the man, and takes on the first chunk of the movie alone in a convincing charismatic performance. It's gritty, dark, tough, gory, and slimy - overlong and silly at times. There's also a lovable dog-creature. And that's just always nice.



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