Paulette France 2013 – 87min.

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Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A cranky and racist old lady turns to drug dealing to make ends meet.

Paulette lives alone since the death of her drunkard husband, who lost their small café that is now a Japanese restaurant. Paulette doesn't like the Japanese, dark-skinned people nor anyone else who has a different heritage, rejecting her grandson for the same reasons. But her life changes when she finds out that the drug dealers in her neighborhood make tons of money: she decides to make ends meet by selling dope in her social housing block. Hired by the boss of the local gang, she soon finds an ingenious way to sell her product, shaking up the district's trade in the process. Getting back out and about in this way soon changes how she thinks about the world...

Comedy with a backdrop of social criticism of the conditions seniors face – especially those who turn delinquent because their pensions don’t cover their modest expenses. Although over-acted and a bit over-the-top, this comedy has good moments, especially those in which Paulette shoots her mouth off about things one no longer hears in today’s politically correct times.



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