Ostwind Germany 2013 – 100min.

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David Siems
Movie Rating: David Siems

A horse whisperer? Mika begins to understand herself after meeting a withdrawn stallion.

A red-haired daydreamer named Mika (Hanna Binke) has flunked a grade at school and so is sent to live with her grandmother, who has a horse farm. But instead of catching up with her studies, the untamed teenager spends her time with a smart groom named Sam (Marvin Linke), who has only one problem: he can't make the wild stallion "Ostwind" do his bidding.

Katja von Garnier is back with a vengeance after five years away from the film business. If there is one theme that repeats itself through the German director' movies - Bandits, Abgeschminkt and Iron Jawed Angels - then it's this: a heroine battles overwhelming obstacles in male-dominated society. In Ostwind, the main character faces more than one such obstacle: angry parents, a villainous grandmother and a wild horse.



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