Monsters University USA 2013 – 110min.

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Monsters University

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

Mike and Sully: the college years. Who will be the scariest of all?

Flashback a few years before Monsters Inc.: Meet Mike, an extremely enthusiastic young monster, on his way to Monster University and its very prestigious “scare school”, where he hopes to learn to become as scary a monster as there is and make his kind proud. At MU, Mike meets Sully, a pretty arrogant but very frightening monster, who surely is destined for great things. In the face of the traditional college bullies, fraternities and fierce competition, little Mike will have to prove he too can be as scary as them all...

Funnier than Monsters Inc., Monsters University is just as original and then some. Even if it plays on all of the college clichés, it does so masterfully, paying homage to each stereotype you can think of in a clever and inspired way. The animation is top notch, creating a wide range of funky little monsters, each hilariously expressive in their own teenage way. And just like with (almost) every Pixar movie, saying it has heart is understating it; these little creatures might very well melt yours in a way you never thought a bunch of imaginary grad-students could.



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8 years ago

It's ok

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