The Brief Lovers Spain 2013 – 90min.

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The Brief Lovers


Pedro Almodóvar makes a disaster movie as a comedy. In the first class cabin of a passenger plane to Mexico are four men, three women and their gay flight attendants. The female cabin crew and the passengers in economy have been drugged with sleeping pills and won't be waking up until the end of the movie. Due to a technical problem, the pilots try making an emergency landing over Spain, but due to sports and political events almost all landing strips are closed. The plane is forced to circle the country, while the crew tries to forestall panic among the passengers by plying them with alcohol, mescaline and dance routines.

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German Switzerland: 18. April 2013

Romandie: 27. March 2013



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7 years ago

fantastic! Almodovar bringt es fertig alltägliche Gegebenheiten und sei es das Schmuggeln von Drogen oder die Beziehung von einer Dame zu einem jungen Ausländer auf eine ganz feine Art darzustellen (nicht unbedingt immer witzig) aber auch wunderbare Szenen wenn die Stewards die Passagiere unterhalten.Show more


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