Lone Survivor USA 2013 – 121min.

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Lone Survivor

Action Drama Thriller War

June 28, 2005, four army SEALs are sent behind enemy lines to eliminate Ahmad Shah, a powerful Taliban chief. Dropped into a steep forest to observe the enemy, they come face to face with three shepherds: an old man, a child and an adolescent. The Americans hesitate in killing them, wanting neither to compromise their mission nor to endanger their lives, so they let them go after much discussion. But soon they are being chased by dozens of rebels on the orders of Ahmda Shah, without being able to contact their superiors by radio. They realize too late the three were really lookouts for the Taliban...

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German Switzerland: 20. March 2014

Romandie: 1. January 2014

Ticino: 20. February 2014



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7 years ago

Best Action/War movie ever. Based on true story. The movie looks pretty close to real fights in Afghanistan. I like it, and awesome Actors. I read a lot about this Story related to Marcus Luttrel "Lived to tell a story". 5 Star. If you rated 3 star that means you don't have a clue about gun fight and real war zones. I was touched how brave they fought.Show more


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