Mood Indigo Belgium, France 2013 – 125min.

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L'écume des jours

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

Michel Gondry brings Boris Vian's surrealist masterpiece to the screen

In the heart of vibrant, bubbly and unstable Paris, Chloe and Collin are in love. Surrounded by their friends, they savour every bite of their happiness. But they need to hurry, Chloe is sick. A mysterious waterlily grows painfully inside her chest, tearing appart hers and her lover's life.

Who better than Michel Gondry to adapt Boris Vian? Around the world, for decades now, his surealist love story has fed dreamers' imaginary. Today it comes alive on screen with astonishing precision, thanks to the work of Michel Gondry. Incredibly loyal to its source, L'écume des jours sometimes struggles with pacing and narration but still makes one deliciously dizzy. It drowns us in a collage of ideas and emotions, coming to life through wild inventions, Vian's first, and also Gondry's. With strange set designs and stop-motion animation, Gondry recreates the decor of Vian's Paris in which each colourful character perfectly blends; a world where work devours men, where nothing lasts but jazz, not even love.



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