Just a Sigh Belgium, France, Ireland 2013 – 104min.

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Le temps de l'aventure

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A theater actress has an affair with a stranger who's come to Paris for a funeral.

In Calais for a theater production scheduled to run several weeks, Alix (Emmanuelle Devos) goes back to Paris for a day on the first train. On board a few seats away from her, she notices an attractive man (Gabriel Byrne) crying. When he asks her how to get to a specific church in the centre of Paris, he inadvertently tells her his destination. Struck by a wild impulse to see him again, Alix goes to the church where a memorial for a recently deceased friend of his is taking place. Lost in her own city, unable to get hold of her boyfriend by phone and stuck due to a banking matter, Alix decides to have a brief affair with the grieving stranger...

An almost silent break within the pandemonium of the city, the encounter between these two offers up a one-night stand in a romantic bubble which nevertheless includes some weighty questions. An escapade set in the intimacy of a hotel room, which more rational, judgmental audience members may find boring. In any case, it's a nice digression underlining the importance of living in the present.



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