La religieuse Belgium, France, Germany 2013 – 112min.

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La religieuse

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

Forced into a convent, an illegitimate girl suffers abuse within its walls.

Forced to take the veil, an illegitimate girl named Suzanne must dedicate her life to Jesus. By the will of the mother superior who tries to convince her of the merits of this decision, even if it has been forced on her, she submits to bullying, humiliation and abuse from the day she officially asks to leave. After time spent sheltered by a nun who loves her so much that she tries to initiate her into Sapphism, Suzanne suffocates in the habit and veil imposed on her. But leaving the convent is not a simple thing and the decision to let her go may be delegated all the way to the pope, if necessary. Helped by a lawyer, Suzanne manages to escape, finding the freedom she has dreamed of for so long and the father she never knew.

Inspired by the novel by Denis Diderot, "Les mémoires de Suzanne Simonin", a bitter piece of criticism of the religious world, where omnipotent masters are able to dispose of their misdirected flock in any way they please from the suffocating isolation of their convent. This adaptation by Guillaume Nicloux reveals the icy ambiance of 18th century convents, in which austerity was assumed enough to kindle even the slightest calling. Audiences are sure to be grateful to get back out into the modern world after the show.



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