La confrérie des larmes Belgium, France, Luxembourg 2013 – 96min.

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La confrérie des larmes


Gabriel (Jérémie Renier recently seen in Cloclo) has been fired and lost so much money at poker that he has nothing left for his daughter Juliette’s lunch money. Providence intervenes as a former colleague offers him a well-paying job: all he has to do is answer a phone between 10 am and 6 pm. Gabriel arrives at work to empty halls. He spends his day bored, sitting in front of a phone that never rings. One day he’s asked to deliver a briefcase to China, in a private jet. And he’s told he must never, ever open the briefcase – or else. On his second mission, this time to Brussels, he is late with the delivery and is severely punished as a result. He finally understands what he’s gotten himself into when, on his next mission, his briefcase is stolen...

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Romandie: 2. October 2013



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