Identity Thief USA 2013 – 112min.

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Identity Thief

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

Jason Bateman and Melissa MacCarthy on the road trip from hell.

Sandy (Jason Bateman) is the ultimate upstanding american. He works hard despite his horrible boss and lousy pay, and loves his family with all his heart. How unfair would it be for such a man to have his identity stolen, credit cards outmaxed and life basically ruined? Pretty damn unfair. Obviously, that's exactly what happens when Diana (Melissa McCarthy), a woman whose weight is equalled only by her tastelessness, takes advantage of his effeminate name and makes it her own. When her shopping sprees, drunken behavior and shady drug deals bring the cops to Sandy's door, the poor guy has no other choice than to cross state lines into Florida to track her down himself. He bravely embarks on a road trip nothing could have prepared him for, where crossing boundaries is on a whole new level.

A good premise for comedy executed badly, the idea behind Identity Thief seems wasted on a bad script and loud childish gags. Melissa McCarthy, Oscar nominated comedic sensation, is unbearably crude though never in a good way like she was in Bridesmaids. Although the film bets on it's star, it pulls out all the stops to make her look revolting, cringeworthy sexual encounters included. So when her sentimental epiphany undoubtedly occurs, it makes it hard for us to emphasize. The film does have some heart and laughs, but those are never out loud.



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