Fonzy France 2013 – 103min.

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A delivery man for the family fishmonger business, Diego is an adolescent despite being over 40. When he finds out he’s going to be a father, he realizes it’s not just the one, but 573 children aged up to 20 – the issue of the many donations he’s made to a sperm bank over the last two decades, under the name of Fonzy. And they want to know who he really is. Defended by his best friend – a lawyer who’s not really allowed to practice anymore – and nicknamed El Masturbator by the press, he tries to plead insanity. With a file for each one of his 573 kids, Diego goes in search of them in hopes of not having to reveal the truth. But once he meets them, he begins to love them too...

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Romandie: 20. November 2013

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