Fast and Furious 6 USA 2013 – 130min.

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Fast and the Furious 6

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

A gang of thugs team up with the police to get back one of their own.

Dom (Vin Diesel)'s muscly crew of outlaws teams up again when agent Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) asks them for help in finding a deadly criminal. Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), a virtually unstoppable ex-black ops is about to sell a weapon of mass destruction to the highest bidder and it's up to the oiled-up gang to stop him. Their special mission is sure to be pretty intense, but nothing will be more explosive than the news that one of their own team members, believed dead, is back from beyond the grave and about to kick their ass.

This sixth instalment of the Fast and Furious series is obviously perfectly silly but it's also rather bloody entertaining. The stunts are as absurd as they come but equally as impressive. You'll be gasping for air one way or another, because of the unbelievable action or because of hysterical laughter at the stupidity of it all. The fight scenes, a little more measured, are very well choreographed and executed and are a real plus to what remains an extremely daft entertainment but an effective one for sure.



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8 years ago

Among the best in the series!


8 years ago

un bon film d'action


8 years ago

Lousy & predictable, dont waste your money, wait until it comes out on DVD

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