Fack Ju Göhte Germany 2013 – 119min.

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Fack Ju Göhte

Urs Arnold
Movie Rating: Urs Arnold

School comedy about overworked teachers and crazy students. And attack on the narrow-mindedness of German schools.

A macho named Zeki has just been released from prison and wants to dig up the money he stole before he went in. But the spot where he buried the loot is now the site of a secondary school gym. To get access to the school, he talks his way into a job as a teacher, even though he has no experience. His unorthodox teaching method soon proves effective, and his good looks attract his stand-offish colleague Lisi.

Fast-paced comedy with dry humor that borrows heavily from fish-out-of-water scenarios like Jack Black’s teaching style in School of Rock, Ryan Gosling on drugs in Half Nelson and Cameron Diaz’s flippant rebel in Bad Teacher. The decline in educational values is good fodder for young-adult movies. Elyas M'Barek’s wonderful performance makes Zeki half samurai, half lower-class lout: a teacher with no class who ends up showing his pupils how to live life with style.



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