Elysium USA 2013 – 109min.

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Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

A factory worker rebels against an unfair futuristic world order.

In 2159, the poor survive miserably in Earth's overpopulated slum-like mega-cities and a privileged few on Elysium, a perfect oasis in outer space where sickness and danger are no longer an issue. After suffering a terrible accident in the factory he works at on earth, creating robots for the wealthy population of Elysium, one citizen's only hope of survival is to reach the forbidden Promised Land. Striking a deal with a slumlord, he is given a robotic skeleton-like armour and departs for Elysium carrying not only his hope, but that of millions, in the chance at a new life.

Prodigious District 9 director Neil Blomkamp's second film is a thrilling sci-fi entertainment even if it might let the fans down a little. Less original than the South-African's brilliant mockumentary was, Elysium does keep its impressive inventiveness in creating dystopian futures, landscapes and societies. The story is very basic and often a little melodramatic but the violence action and gore are refreshing and exciting, as is, as always, Matt Damon's charisma in strong action roles.



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7 years ago

The fight scenes could be better choreographed, but still an enjoyable movie

Deleted member

7 years ago

Nothing special but I liked the spider character played by Wagner Moura: -)


7 years ago

Gattaca meets District 9
Entertaining movie, I liked it, although it didnt quite seem to hit the high notes for me. Visually stunning and a believable storyline. It has its gaps but if you dont watch too closely and let yourself enjoy it, it wont bother you.
I couldnt help but wonder what percentage of the inhabitants of Elysium held Swiss passports!; -)

My favourite part? Mr. Carlyle's Bugatti, very nice depiction of how things may go for vehicles in the far futureShow more

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