The Physician Germany 2013 – 150min.

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The Physician

Adventure Drama

Young Rob Cole is raised in poverty in 11th century England. Just before his mother dies of a mysterious illness, the boy discovers he has a remarkable talent: he senses people will soon die by touching them. While his siblings are passed on to other family members, Rob gains the trust of a traveling man who entertains the locals and heals all kinds of ailments. Under his wing, the boy learns all about medicine over the years, soon overtaking his teacher. When Rob hears about the famous Persian scholar Ibn Sina, he sets of to the orient to learn more about his craft.

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German Switzerland: 25. December 2013



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6 years ago

The book was very entertaining. The film tries to follow the book but is poor, appearing trite and melodramatic. Some poor casting, such as Ben Kingsley in the role, doesn't help. Will probably play a lot on aircraft entertainment. Best to wait until then


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