Beautiful Creatures USA 2013 – 124min.

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Beautiful Creatures


Ethan is bored to tears in the small town of Gatlin, where inhabitants reenact the Civil War in a puritan ambiance and there are more churches than libraries. After the summer holidays, a mysterious girl named Lena joins Ethan's school. Her family's reputation precedes her, and the strange phenomena that occur around her seem to support the fears of those who believe she's the work of the devil. Lena is only at the start of her supernatural life: her powers will come to her on her 16th birthday and whether they will be dark or light will depend on her destiny. But the feelings that tie Ethan and Lena may change the outcome, and she may have to sacrifice her love...

Release date

German Switzerland: 3. April 2013

Romandie: 27. February 2013

Ticino: 21. February 2013



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