Love Is in the Air France 2013 – 96min.

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Love Is in the Air


Antoine (Nicoals Bedos) and Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) broke up three years ago. Then chance puts them beside each other on a plane from New York to Paris. Antoine, a party-hound lawyer, has seven hours to plead his case to her and promise he will from now on always be faithful. But, Julie, who's supposed to be getting married in two days, has been burnt once already and throws at him all the good reasons why this last attempt at seduction won't work. Under the rapt attention of other passengers, who are thrilled by the live soap opera happening in front of them, Antoine has only one chance to prove his powers of persuasion, a plea that could change the course of both their lives...

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Romandie: 15. May 2013

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