American Hustle USA 2013 – 138min.

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American Hustle

Crime Drama

It’s love at first sight for Rosalyn (Amy Adams) and Irving (Christian Bale), despite him having a family. These two talented con artists run a series of financial scams and sell fake paintings. The plot thickens when they’re arrested by Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), a power-hungry FBI agent, who tells them they can avoid prison if they help him take down an honest mayor (Jeremy Renner) who is trying to build up Atlantic City as a gambling town, creating thousands of jobs. While DiMaso dreams of catching corrupt senators the situation soon spins out of control: as they find themselves having to negotiate with one of the US’s biggest gangsters, Irving’s insufferable wife (Jennifer Lawrence) starts to unravel the whole story...

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German Switzerland: 13. February 2014

Romandie: 5. February 2014

Ticino: 1. January 2014

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9 years ago

Great performance, stunning haircuts (sic!) and styling of the characters, but that is all... Good piece of cinema for entertainment, but I couldn't understand why this mixture of crime and love story had 10 academy awards nominations...

Deleted member

9 years ago

I thought this was an outstanding movie, stellar performances from all the actors. Would highly recommend anyone to see it.


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