About Time UK 2013 – 123min.

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About Time

Comedy Drama Sci-fi

Tim’s dad takes him aside on to tell him that as of his 21st birthday, he will be able to travel in time. If he thinks hard and long about where and when he wants to be, he’ll be able to beam himself into his own past and change events. And so he spends his time courting his great love Mary, as well as trying to make his landlord and his sister happy.

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German Switzerland: 17. October 2013

Romandie: 6. November 2013

Ticino: 7. November 2013



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7 years ago

I think the trailers let this one down, I was expecting something a little different. It is a bit of a tear jerker in some places but over all a very good romantic comedy - not my genre hence my low score but for those whom it is I would highly recommend it - the directing, acting and plot were brilliantShow more


7 years ago

I'm British and this is one of the best British comedies in years. It has some laugh out loud moments and takes you on a sentimental journey, with an interesting time travel theme which adds an extra twist and element of fun but does not distract from the storyline and in fact enhances the message this movie sends out to it's audience. The acting is first class. Definitely worth watching more than once, and there is no time travel required.Show more


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