Home For The Weekend Germany 2012 – 84min.

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Home For The Weekend


Gitte summons her family to her country house to celebrate good news: after 30 years, she is no longer taking her antidepressants and all is well. Her desire is for freedom, much like her husband Günter, who has recently decided to sell his publishing business to devote himself to research. Although her eldest son Marko, who lives in Berlin with his son, takes the news well, Jakob, who lives nearby, is angry. As a dentist who studied medicine, he is troubled by the fact that his mother doesn't fall into his arms and that his father has planned a trip to Jordan without the slightest intention of taking along his wife. Gitte, disturbed that she isn't getting the support she wanted, gets into her car and disappears...

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German Switzerland: 27. September 2012



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