To Rome with Love Italy, Spain, USA 2012 – 102min.

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To Rome with Love

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

In postcard Rome, various couples come and go. Comedy by and starring Woody Allen.

Ensemble comedy set in Rome about a collection of couples and their dealings with love and loss: a young American architect (Jesse Eisenberg) is troubled by the arrival of his girlfriend's best friend (Ellen Page), an egocentric actress who loves to impress people with quotes from great authors; two parents - she (Judy Davis) a therapist, he (Woody Allen) a retired opera director - arrive from the States to meet their future Italian in-laws; a young country couple in the city for the first time each fall for someone else - he with a prostitute (Penelope Cruz) and she with a local star; a common garden family man (Roberto Benigni) becomes a star overnight without really knowing why...

Woody Allen continues his tour of Europe with this year's installment, which highlights the clichés and stereotypes of our neighbors to the south: the paparazzi; the chronic infidelity of Italian spouses; Italian real TV shows. Once more, Allen's style is more like the awful Melinda and Melinda and Vicky Cristina Barcelona than his masterpieces Husbands and Wives and Hannah and Her Sisters. To Rome with Love is nevertheless saved from complete failure by the great lines Allen reserves for his own character: "When I was young, I was left-wing but never a communist: because then I would have had to share a bathroom with someone else."



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