This Is 40 USA 2012 – 134min.

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This Is 40

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

In the midst of a marriage crisis, a couple with children tries to work things out. Excellent bittersweet comedy by Judd Apatow.

A look at a modern, 40-something couple with children - a little girl and a rebellious teen addicted to Lost, Facebook and her smartphone - Pete and Debbie are in crisis. Debbie lies about her age, is horrified about even having a “38th” birthday, is annoyed that Pete takes Viagra to satisfy her, nags him for being inconsiderate, is tired of her boobs drooping and exercises as much as possible to stay young. Pete isn't much better: he farts in bed, has financial problems that is stopping him from paying the mortgage on their big house, spends hours on the toilet playing with his iPad, sneaks cupcakes that are bad for his cholesterol and literally drools over his wife's gorgeous employee. Debbie decides things will have to change: health check-up for her, rectal exam for him, no more fast food, cigarettes, Wifi, fights or nagging. They both have to become a sane and happy couple again and get rid of the resentment they both feel for their fathers...

Judd Apatow's movie is a masterful look at the millions of 40-somethings out there more childish than their progeny, suffocated by unpaid bills, bogged down by hard feelings about their own parents, emptied of passion, jaded and soured by their boring routines. He holds up a mirror that is sure to disturb those who see their own sad lives in it. This Is 40 is not just moving, thought-provoking and above all funny, it goes well beyond regular entertainment, proving in the end to be a sociological analysis that makes its point with rare accuracy.



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