Tango libre Belgium, France, Luxembourg 2012 – 98min.

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Tango libre

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A prison guard repressed by his routine meets a woman at his tango class.

Prison guard JC lives an ordered life, measured by his little routines, with no one to look after except a goldfish, whom he tends scrupulously. His only real hobby is the tango lessons he meticulously takes to keep himself properly fit for his job. One day a new student joins his class and while he’s troubled by his reaction to the unknown woman, JC becomes even more so when the next day she brings her son along to prison to visit her husband and her lover: two old friends who share a cell for a break-in that resulted in the death of a prison escort. This woman, who defies all conventions, unhinges the quiet life of the prison guard...

Frédéric Fonteyne teams up again with Sergi Lopez, whom he directed in Une liaison pornographique, and has him dance the tango with his cellmates. Paradoxically, the dance sequences with the prisoners are more credible and touching than the love scenes between the free-wheeling young woman and the repressed old-boy prison guard. After La délicatesse, in which he convinced no one in falling for Audrey Tautou, François Damiens is not more plausible in seducing Anne Paulicevich: his charm remains a mystery.



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