Sightseers UK 2012 – 95min.

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To get a away from her nagging, possessive mother, who holds her responsible for the death of her dog – skewered by a knitting needle – Tina goes off in the caravan of her new boyfriend Chris to visit the fields of Yorkshire, with its museums dedicated to pencils and trams of the 1920's. As they enjoy both the thrills of the caravan's bed and walks in the English countryside, Tina discovers that Chris, an eco-freak in search of «freedom», is really a failed writer, a frustrated meathead who hates most people – tourists who litter, teens who play soccer or real writers who have caravans more luxurious than his – whom he doesn't hesitate to knock off to keep the landscape quiet. Under his influence, Tina begins to develop the same tendencies...

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German Switzerland: 28. February 2013

Romandie: 26. December 2012



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